West Africa Basin Reports - First Edition - December 2018

Basin studies were performed for 10 areas located in offshore West Africa. For each basin the studies cover the following:

-Exploration Summary
-Creaming Curve of the basin showing major fields and discoveries by Play Type
-Petroleum System Summary, including Stratigraphic column showing major Source Rocks and Reservoirs
-Source Rock Analysis and Summary, including outline of Hydrocarbon Kitchens
-Reservoir Summary, including porosity vs. depth of burial and permeability data
-Traps Summary illustrating major fields and discoveries, including production data
-Play Analysis, including Reservoir Size distribution and Exploration Statistics

The following basins have been considered:
1.MSGB Basin (Mauritania-Senegal-Guinea Bissau)
2.Sierra Leone-Liberia
3.Cote d’Ivoire-Tano(Cote d’Ivoire-Ghana)
4.Benin Embayment (Benin-Togo)
5.Niger Delta (Nigeria, Cameroun, Equatorial Guinea)
6.Rio Muni-Douala (Equatorial Guinea-Cameroun)
7.Ogowe Delta (Gabon)
8.Congo Fan (Congo, DRC, Angola)
9.Kwanza (Angola)
10.Outeniqua (South Africa)
Price list:

1 MSGB Basin (Mauritania-Senegal-Guinea Bissau) 5,000GBP
2 Liberia-Sierra Leone Basin 3,000GBP
3 Cote d'Ivoire - Tano (Ghana) Basin 5,000GBP
4 Benin Embayment (Benin,Togo, Nigeria) 2,000GBP
5 Niger Delta Basin (Nigeria, Cameroun, Equatorial Guinea) 5,000GBP 
6 Ogowe Delta (Gabon) 5,000GBP
7 Rio Muni - Duala Basins (Equatorial Guinea - Cameroon) 5,000GBP
8 Post-Salt Congo Fan Basin (Angola, Congo, DRC) 5,000GBP
9 Kwanza-Benguela Basin (Angola) 2,000GBP
10 Outeniqua Basin (South Africa) 3,000GBP

Price for Complete Package (All Reports) 30,000GBP

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