West Africa Play Analysis - ArcGIS Database - First Edition - December 2018

The areas considered and the fields available in the ArcGIS Database are Illustrated below:

We have developed a West Africa Play Analysis ArcGIS database which consists of the following elements:

Mapping Component -Arc-GIS platform covering the entire margin of West Africa
• Canvas of countries, coastline, rivers, onshore geology, water depth, OCB, well locations, Fields  and Discoveries outlines, awarded block boundaries
•Overlain with interpretation layers including major tectonic elements (at basin scale), mature kitchens (and age of SR's) and major reservoir fairways (GDE) by reservoir age
•Fields and Discoveries can also be displayed by Play Type (colour coded)

PowerPoint Component-Reports for each major productive petroleum system of West Africa
•10 Basin specific reports (pdf format) including :
•Basin Stratigraphic Column and Creaming curve
•Detailed description of SR’s, SRKitchens, Reservoirs, Traps & Seals 
•Description of the most important fields of each basin, including production data. 
•Characterisation of the Basin Plays and Exploration Success Ratio
•In addition an Atlas of the Field and Plays of West Africa (300+ pages, pdf format) is provided

Spreadsheet Component
•10 Basin specific databases, one for each Basin described by the Reports, with Reservoir Parameters of Fields and Discoveries
•11 Play Type specific databases
•Summarising Reservoir Parameters of Fields and Discoveries, including Reserves, Field Area, RF Oil, RF Gas, Overburden, Porosity, Permeability, Oil API
•Key variables shown in charts illustrating : a) distribution against a best fit of  Reserves (MMBOE), Area, RF; b) relationship between Overburden vs. Porosity vs. Oil API, Porosity vs. Permeability; c) Average Reserves per well of selected Fields

Our ArcGIS  database integrates these 3 components into a product which allows data and interpretation to be easily accessed from a single application.

The total price for all three components of the ArcGIS Database is 60,000GBP. 

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